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Thread: nrg dplate ?

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    nrg dplate ?

    I see on ebay someone selling Nrg dplates.Comes with the chip for 65bucks shipped.They sold about 60 or so.I need one for my 2007 13000r.All others cost more.Does anyone have one?The more I read about a dplate the more I get confused.I know this topic has been beaten to death.I also see where one company Riva I believe has round hole in there plates.They say a fuel controller is needed.If the nrg is the same for a few bucks less I will go that way.The thing that confuses me the most is the dplate companys say it gives better top end but many say you lose some topspeed.I have 150 hours with no problems but think I should get rid of it before I have a problem..

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    all the plate does is restrict the exhaust flow to mimic the Cat, the D-plate flows better and less restictive, wether its a Hole or what ever cut out shape they want to make it as long as the flow is close to mimic a Cat it really make s no differance, I bought the D-plate and chip for my GP1200R off Ebay and I have been chasing a leak for a month

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