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    2009 rxp 215 vs gtr 215 - chop

    hey guys,

    how does the GTR 215 compare to the rxp 215 in the chop, turning , handling etc...

    Im gonna add a et 137, intercooler, inj, prop and ecu re map...

    love the looks of the gtr - has anyone done such mods?

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    Iam in the same situation ... Like to take one out ...

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    This is older but figured I would answer it. I have a GTR and rode a 08 RXP-X (so not the 215 you inquired about) The GTR handles the chop much better then the RXP and stays hooked better. The rxp is very small and can turn better then the GTR. Between the two hands down GTR. As for speed both machines are modded a bit, in flat water with the right rider the RXPX pulls away only by 2 boat lengths, in slight chop GTR wins.

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    I raced a GTR215 and a GTR260 in my RXP215 with a gen 2 impeller on the SC and i beat em both. Took em out the hole and pulled the 215 bad and the 260 maintained his gap after the launch but i still got him by a few skis. the 2nd run was a lil choppy and the 260 was right on my ass.

    heres the vid

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