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    Yet another problem!! No spark this time :(

    For anyone who has read my stuck at 4000 rpm the engine has now been rebuilt, finished it yesterday evening, tried to start it and didn't want to run, so I checked the plugs and no spark!? After cleaning the plugs and trying all the old tricks we got it running fired up and the engine sounded sweet! Got to the beach today fired right up was plodding about in the sea running it in, went fine for 40 mins or so had a quick break jumped back on the ski fired up 2 mins later it cut out and would not start! Got back home and it seems I have no spark again getting pretty fed up with this ski now, any help would be great!! Cheers guys. Oh and for those who havnt seen my other thread it's a Polaris virage 700cc 2002

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    A new coil later to the tune of 100 pound and still no better, also have new plugs i won't be able to take the ski out again this year due to the British weather but I don't want it sat in the garage all winter not running, thanks in advance to anyone who has suggestions

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    send stator to jet ski solutions for stator rewind and rebuild

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    Click the link in my signature. Has all the info you need.

    Do the resistance checks on the stator and coils and let us know what you find. Witout proper troubleshooting, you will not find the problem.

    Randomly sending stuff out for repair as was sugested above is never a good idea.

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