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    Help with Low Engine Compression


    I do not know if I have to tear my engine down again or not. I took my engine out to replace a broken chain. I replaced the chain and the valves. I did a leak test and everything was within 5%. I did the leak test with the cam and crank lock tool in place. After putting everything else back together to get ready to put the engine back in the ski, I did a compression test. I got 90, 60 and 130 psi. I still have not put oil in the ski, so I am unsure if that played a role. I did another leak rate test and the air is going out the oil fill cap. Do I need to replace the piston/rings. Any help is appreciated.

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    I would never crank my 4 stroke engine without oil. And yes that can cause it the squirter under the piston is not spraying oil so compression reading will be off,not to mention what could happen to main and crank cam berrings.

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    I just put the oil in and I got the same results. Looks like I have to replace the rings/pistons.

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    5% leaktest but yet 90 60 130 compression. I've never been into a sea doo engine, but anychance that could be bent rods?

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