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    Throttle Body Damper FZR FZS FX SHO 2009 2010 2011

    This Throttle Body Damper will replace the stock rubber damper that is known to fail, resulting boost leaks and performance loss. This is a new design that utilizes an o-ring to seal boost pressure. The o-ring provides a positive seal rated in excess of 1000 psi, that completely eliminates boost leakage from the damper. This damper is made of machined aluminum and includes the o-ring, stainless steel washers, and stainless steel nuts with Teflon lock.

    This part replaces the stock damper, costs less, performs better and provides an air tight and worry-free seal. Retail price of the OEM replacement part is over $500.

    My price on the machined aluminum part, with all necessary hardware, is $320.00 Shipping is included in the purchase price. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.

    Please Note: When you place your order, there will be up to a 2 week maximum processing time, since this part is made to order.
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    you got any of these throttle body dampers ready, i would really like to get my hands on one before the 4th, i am in the keys, i could pick it up

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    omg about time , man where were you two months ago when i needed one lol.
    post pictures when you have one ready i'm also interested in removing that cheap ass rubber.
    can't open any of the attachments.


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    bump . someone looking in performance forum

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