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    SHO Parts

    throttle leaver and cruze control assembly $150.00+shipping
    intake take grate $60.00+shipping
    water box and exhaust parts $250.00+shipping
    stock yamaha impeller 155mm $150.00+shipping
    sho front bow locker, packing and plate $75.00+shipping
    sho reverse cable 100+shipping
    air cleaner assembly $250.00+shipping
    steering pad covers $200.00+shipping
    ladder step assembly $150.00+shipping
    electrical cover $35.00+ shipping
    breather assembly $90.00+shipping
    supercharger to intercooler pipe $140.00+shipping
    complete lower muffler $400.00+shipping
    stock fuel pump $80.00+shipping
    gate reverse and brackets $45.00+shipping
    engine cover $50.00+shipping
    water box to muffler connector pipe $100.00+shipping
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    are these all stock parts ?

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    If so please send me some of what you are smoking!

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    Yes, I have all the Yamaha part nos, and Yamaha prices these Items are 50% of list

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