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    Why am I getting this error code?

    Hey all. I posted a few days ago that my 2006 rxt was acting really weird. Something kept running when I removed the lanyard (starter?) and I got a P06 16 error code after it finally shut off. Now it wont power up at all and I get P0616 and P0231. I looked it up and I think the po6 is "starter relay short to ground or open circuit", while the p02 is "fuel pump short to ground or open circuit". What are the chances both are? Are they wired in series or something? How can I go about diagnosing this? It wont start, I put the lanyard in and here something in the engine compartment merely like "adjust", then I get the codes. I take lanyard out and it sounds like "it" "adjusts" back. I'm familiar with a meter if someone can give me some continuity checks. Please help!

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    Check the 10 amp fuse 616 is starter relay open and 231 is open fuel pump both controlled by the same 10 amp fuse

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    check the fuse box maybe you got corrosion on the fuses ..

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    I found a bad 10 amp fuse and am going to replace it. But why did starter (pretty sure it was the starter) keep running when I pulled lanyard? I ohmed across starter relay (two bigger terminals under red caps) and got nothing, but ohmed where plug connects (two small terminals) and have continuity of 5 ohms. Is this right? Would a bad dess post have anything to do with all of this? Bad start switch? Remember, display was flashing too, with lanyard out while something kept running. This thing is driving me crazy!!!

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