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    Please SL 750... Stop Playing with my emotions!!!!!

    So I bought a nice 1994 SL 750 in May. I find out that the original fuel pump and auto cock are still in place. It has the bogging and acceleration issued. I still get good compression etc so I finally get around to removing the Auto Cock and install the Triple Outlet Mikuni Fuel pump this weekend. I get the pump in with little to no issues... Is pretty much a breeze to assemble. I get it all put back together and it cranks and cranks and cranks until the battery goes kaput.. Ok, there was air in the lines from when I started the thing.. I get it, my fault. So after jumping it and cranking and cranking finally I get it running. GREAT!!! ITS ALIVE!! My project was a success.. until I took it out for a ride. Still the same exact issues. I have to slightly pull up on the choke to get that burst of speed. Every time I take it into a turn the power shoots down and Im having to pull the choke up about a half inch to get a burst of speed again. Now, during my overhaul I changed out all the fuel lines, return lines etc. The selector switch is new and as is the fuel filter. I ended up having to buy a new battery today because I killed it so much It finally gave out and stalled 30 yards from shore as I was idling in from my ride. I get it on the trailer because Im putting it up for the winter. While im at the store getting the new battery the old man(dad) starts winterizing it against my wishes and pulls the plugs and sprays fogging oil into the cylinders and into the carbs. I get back to put in the new battery and try to do a quick start out of water just to see if she will fire up. Not knowing he already sprayed fogger into the cylinders and put the plugs back in I crank it for about 10 or 15 seconds and now it wont start.. just cranking over. Is it not firing because the cylinders were still full of fogging oil or is my machine just F*cked. Its been a stressful weekend my friends screwing around with the ski. Nothing im doing is working and problems are arising at every corner. Sorry for the long post but if someone can break down the post and tell me what the problems seem like I would appreciate it... and the not starting while on the trailer was just a great end to a bad weekend and leaves me going crazy having to wonder all winter long why it didnt start! hoping it was just the fogging oil but who knows. thanks. i need a drink

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    I didn't read anything in there about you rebuilding the carbs. EVERYTHING you just posted points to that. And, if you're having to pull the choke, you have some air leaking in there. Surprised you haven't burned down a piston. You really need to go through all of the knowledge links. And, for future reference, short paragraphs and simple questions are a much better way to get responses.

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    I don't think jump starting it is a good idea.

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    Did you follow beerdarts fuel system rerouting? Pulse line under 12 inches? Carbs must be rebuilt. Fuel hoses in the gas tank replaced if so equipped? Tank cleaned out? Running premix or oil pump?

    Compression check? That would be nice to know where your at! Piston wash checked? Pop off pressure correct?
    What are the settings on the low speed and high speed adjusters?

    Follow randys tuning for girls thread. A must read.

    Restrictor back in the return line? Just a few things to consider.

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