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    How to tell if washers are going bad? ..and...

    Well I was riding my ski yesterday and I was completely in it..

    For a second the ski stuttered while i was pretty much topped out.. then, (I think this was just a coincidence).. but it beeped and said "oil".

    I shut it off and checked the oil, it was fine, just really low... Ran it the rest of the time and it was fine.. Even hit 70 on gps.

    Anyone know what that stuttering could be? (only did it one time ever.... then didn't go it again at all)

    I'm hoping it's not something to do with the S/C.. like the washers.

    My ski is a 2008 RXP 215 with 57 hours

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    Just check the SC to see if it is free spining...Or check the slip....It beeped and said oil probably because you were/are low on oil and it went into limp mode for a second...

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    ahhh i see.. thank you!

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    Your shutter could have been something going through the pump...a twig or small stick possibly...

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