got a 2005 rxp, got it with two rear exhaust valves dropped (upon start up so minimal damage)

anyhow one thing that bugs me is the whole bottom of the ski up tp the Opas, has been re gelcoated in black (lack or graphics on hull drew my attention)

the job looks good, but why would they have done the whole bottom. ???
i cant help but think its had a big wack or delam.
the previous owner has no idea, he got it from a dealer like it. and didnt notice the lack of seadoo decal!!

i need to pull motor to finish engine repair, but i also need to pull the tank as one of the 4 alloy tank strap plates has come out due to salt corrosion.
so also plan to remove tank "feet" as per the how-to guide. good idea?

can anybody think of any other areas i should be checking inside of outside the hull?

i cannot see any stress lines on the "newer" gel coat. (it is gel as it scuffs like gel)