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    Help, decisions decision!

    Hey guys,
    Im in Australia and im wanting to get my first ski as i now think i might have enough money to get one. Ive always wanted one since i was a kid when my uncles all had skis and they used to let me spin around in them when i was young.
    I have been doing heaps of research and really dont want to spend more than $7 grand AUD but would love to spend heaps less.
    I have talked to my local jet ski shop and they pretty much said to try and hunt down Yamaha only and a 4 stroke only and FXHO. That sort of narrowed things down too much!? Theres only a few local.
    So is it true 2 strokes are a waste of time? I dont mind getting my hands dirty working on it and i have a mate who is a motorbike mech to help with future work.

    I want something quick agile and would like to take a friend every now and then.

    Also is there a list of things somewhere for pre purchase inspections for me to do it myself? ie check for defects in the impeller and other signs of wear and compression.

    Thanks so much in advance,

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    Hey mate, Chinderah huh? I lived there for 12 months of a 2 year trip around australia when i was young!

    I bought my first solely owned PWC (previously went halves with brother) earlier this year and went with a 2001 gp1200r. I absolutely love it, however if i had my time again, I probably would have gone for something like an '06 gp1300r, fuel injected (not carbed) and no powervalves (from what i can tell they're just another thing that can go wrong). For me, i don't ever want to upgrade to a 4 stroke, coz i bought a jet ski for it's agility, the newer 4 strokes are just friggin boats that you sit astride!! The GP hull from what i believe remained the same from 2000-2008, so it was obviously a winner. If you're mechanically minded, treat it well and do a few reliability modifications you should have no problem with a 2 stroke...

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