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    Fizzle intake and catch can results?

    I have been searching but can't find anything that says what the gains should be specifically from the fizzle 4" intake with the catch can...

    I just bought a 2012 RXT-X 260 (all stock right now) and am trying to get a feel for which mods would be the best for acceleration on a budget without messing with the prop if possible

    Would the intake, catch can, and SCOM be worth doing? Or would it feel pretty much the same as without them?


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    The Fizzle 4" will give you some great gains!

    read this flow comparison

    People have reported increases of 200 RPM and even more

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    Going to need prop work. The speed limiter is going to kick in too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsw222 View Post
    Would the intake, catch can, and SCOM be worth doing? Or would it feel pretty much the same as without them?

    Start reading post # 7 here for SCOM information:

    For better acceleration with this ski you need to help it breath better - the 4" air will help a lot. Next step is to get the R&D intake grate and a Solas re-pitched correctly. A Solas 15/20 or 15/22 has proven to be far superior than a stock impeller in every way. Once you read the thread links above you will see the SCOM still has many limitations and will hold you back no matter what mods you bolt on. Set your goals.
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