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    Cover Recomendations

    Hi Guys,

    I've gone ahead with the FX HO purchase.

    Now I just need some advice on a cover.

    This unit is all black and it it is indeed an automotive style finish I'm sure it'll be a scratch magnet.

    I've read the OEM cover is to abrasive and will dull the finish.

    Are there any covers that come recommended by people here? I'll be leaving it in a PWC dock or lift for the summer so it will need to be covered!


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    That isn't true. The factory cover wont hurt the paint if the ski isn't moving. Trailing the ski with the cover on will cause some abrasion. IMO the factory covers work fine.

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    Factory cover is good but not water proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Factory cover is good but not water proof.
    I didn't realize that. It's probably not to ideal to protect the ski all summer then?

    Anyone else using something they like for a PWC that's kept on a lift or floating dock?

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    Jet Trim makes a cover. I have factory Yamaha covers on both mine. I don't tow with the covers on, although you're supposed to be able to. Whenever I need to store them outside, I put the covers on and then cover over the top of that with one of the tarps you can get at Home Depot, Wal Mart, etc.

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    I only use the cover when its on the trailer when parked also, this means most of the time due to i ride mostly stand up. Having to rub the ski out was enough one time.

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    I just received a cover from ebay and it is great, fits perfect and it is of very good quality.

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    My Yam SHO covers definitely scratch when moving so not while transporting------very disappointing. My previous VXR ones not so much. What I don't understand is how Yamaha could design them and let them scratch. They obviously have vents for transport to make them suck down nicely, but abrasive as hell inside. What a botched job

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    when I tow mine long distances I put a bed sheet over the hood then the cover so the paint doesnt scuff.
    Im leaning towards a jet tribe gen II for my next cover

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    Any feedback on the jettribe covers?

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