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    New member new ski! Got a question for you all

    So I recently bought this js550 and it needs a new batterie.UnfortuNatly I won't be able to ride this season as it's coming to an end.My question is wil the ski be ok sitting in garage all winter?Does it need to be started a few times?I don't see the need to buy a new batterie and trickle it all year unless I Need it for some maintenance.I guess I'm curious on what il need to do over winter.Thanks allot in advance and glad to be a part of the hulk!

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    welcome aboard !

    glad you did'nt use the 'Newbie' word in you post.

    get the water out of the engine and exhaust, stabilize the fuel system and start it monthly and rap the throttle couple times, should be good, a jump start can be used as i would'nt buy a batt for storage either.

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    Definitely get the water out of the engine when storing it for the winter. I also spray fogging oil in my cylinders for winter storage. You should be able to do all this without a good battery, just jump start it.

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    Hey guys all great advise!
    I will jump it for my needs and follow advise.
    I live in the desert and it doesn't really droP lower than 80 degrees I think that's a plus.
    Anyways... Thanks again. I sure wish I could of caught the tail end of season. Just too busy to make time.

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    The most important thing to do is run Stabil through the fuel system by running it a few minutes. Then, fog the engine and forget about it. The fuel tank should be filled up all the way to prevent condensation formation.

    If you had a good battery, you would put a trickle charger on it with a timer set to charge it for 15 minutes per day.

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    Hey guys I just got around to it and went out to buy marine fuel stabilizer a d oil fog spray. I went to jump start ski with standard cables and running car and I still get the same noise... A single click everytime I hit the start button. Sigh. This happened right after I "fixed" my truck. Double sigh. So maybe it's my starter that's bad, maybe the solenoid? I don't know. Can I winterize my ski still? I'm typing this all on iPhone because my computer broke.... Uehfurjfj haha what a week it's been. Hope you are All having a better week thAn me. Thanks fellow hulksters!

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    jump the solenoid with a screw driver to start it. just make sure no fuel fumes around.
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    Should not use a running car to start ski. Different amps.
    You need to pull the plugs. You will need a battery and try and turn it over. Get a good maintainer and keep it fresh. If it still will not turn over see if you can spin the impeller shaft by hand. If it will not spin you may have a locked up motor.
    You can try the selenoid jump as stated above. If that works check the resistance on the start/stop switch, if it is as most 550's it will have no lanyard switch.

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    Hey guys, just got some more time to fiddle with my ski and get it ready for storage.
    So I took battery to autozone got it charged popped it in and got no new results.
    I tried to jump solenoid with skrewdriver like mentioned and nothing. Popped out plugs and I can spin the shaft by hand so I know it's not seized up. Any other advise? Whole new starter? If so any advise on a good brand/online store?
    I appreciate it guys would love to sleep without knowing my ski needs work.

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    O and I just installed a lanyard style kill switch plate so it's not that eAther

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