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Thread: I need help!!!

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    I need help!!!

    This is my first post, and unfortunately I need your help. I recently purchased an 06 GTX Limited with engine problems at a great price. I knew I was taking a chance, but I've never been one to shy away from a project and the cost was right. Plus, I envied you SEADOO guys out there with your big supercharged monsters!

    The dilemma: I've already fixed the easy stuff, new battery, starter relay, new plugs, fresh gas and checked the washers on the supercharger. Everything seemed fined so I started her up and let her run for about 30 seconds. Again, everything seemed fine. Easy start, no codes, etc. So after I warmed her up for 30 seconds, I figured I'd change the oil and filter and check the compression. This is where it got ugly. The oil had tiny metal particles in it and the oil filter was crushed like nothing could get past it and it got sucked in. The compression check wasn't much better. Cylinders 1 and 3 were 155 and cylinder 2 was 100.

    So, I know I'm going to need to pull the engine and do a rebuild. Like I said before though, I'm not one to shy away from a project and atleast I'll know exactly where I stand with the engine when I'm done. My question is what should I be looking for when I tear the engine down and do you have any recommendations to bullet proof the rebuild?

    Thanks for all the help I have already gleaned from you guys and thanks in advance for all the help I'll be asking for over the duration of the rebuild.

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    Good luck in the rebuild.
    Sounds like you have something inside fixing to POP with the metal pieces.
    On the 05-06 models you have a few things to do to bullet proof the motor but once that's done she should rip well.
    There are other threads on here that explain what need to be done to make it more reliable.
    Use the search function to find a lot of great info on your ski.
    Cylinder #2 has a stuck or broken ring or possibly rust.
    On these motors there is always 1 exhaust valve that is left open when the motor is off. It's just enough to allow moisture to get in and rust your valves/cylinder...

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    You will have fun with the project. The motors are not too complicated and it is a good experience. I would be concerned about a bent rod on the number 2 cylinder, possibly from hydrolock. Did the ski injest water before you purchased it?

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    Thanks for the info! I have done a search on rebuilding since I've determined that is the way to go and have found tons of great information. I'm looking for an engine stand now and will know more once I open her up. I don't know if she was ever hydrolocked, but I'll find out soon enough.

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