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    Gp1300 how many hours after rebuild???

    I have a 2008 GP1300R with 165 hs. on it, no mayor issues, just removed the catalytic because it was loose in the exhaust and replced it wit with the D-plate. I was wondering how many hours will the stock engine will last before i have to rebuild it ???

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    You are probably due for a new top end. Mine went at 177 hrs and they recommend doing it every 100 hrs. Check your compression and you will know right away. Play it safe and save your self some trouble. Your cylinders should be fine they will last 2-3 sets of pistons before needing to get re-plated. So you will only need new pistons,rings and wrist bearings. If you want to play it really safe have your crankshaft looked over or suck it up and rebuild it now. Preventative measures go along way with a GPR.
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    Re: Gp1300 how many hours after rebuild???

    Very well said. The guys who ride allot reccomend 100 hour piston changes, 200 hr crank changes, and go through the carbs every 100 hrs and rebuild them if its a carb ski, if efi then your good. Make sure you put wave eaters on there too if its a powervalve ski and its a good idea to ditch the stock jetting and get rejetted and aftermarket flame arrestors and disable the accel pump if your carbed

    I know your efi and non powervalve but I try to slide the carb bits in there so if the carb guys read it they see that

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    i had to replace the crank afther 110h
    i dont know why it dameged but i replace the crank and now i am on130h

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