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    Question 2000 Polaris 1200 Genesis 4 seater; running problems

    i just built the engine and the carbs, the engine is bored .50 over and my carb are set to factory specs and jet sizes.

    It bogs on take off and it idles for about 10 seconds then it cuts off. and i cant get over 45 mph at only 6000 rpm but my mid range seems to be good.

    I got to be doing something wrong? if any body can help that would be cool, thanks
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    When you built the engine, did you reuse the original flywheel, magneto stator and CDI module?

    Piston rings installed right side up, with correct end gaps? Compression check after rebuild?

    What is the idle RPM in the water?

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    everything is original parts except for new build parts,everything is installed right and my compresion test now is 105 on mag,135 on center,120 on pto and it idles about 1300-1500 rpms. my idle cuold be afected from mixing rich with oil in fuel tank and oil pump couldn't it. i have about 4 to 5 hours on engine ,but what gets me is that it runs great in mid range, thanks

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    you got troubles in the engine rebuild..those compression numbers are bad 105 on a fresh rebuild means big problems. Pour some injector oil into the jugs and recheck..sounds like a stuck ring to me.

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    Ok I'll check it and let you know thanks

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