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Thread: 95 xp beeping

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    95 xp beeping

    Ok my 95 xp with a 587 motor swap started beeping in the no wake zone while going out,it was a very loud constant beep.When I made it to open water,I jumped off the ski and pulled the seat to check everything the exhaust was not very hot neither was the top of the head.I figured something electronic was messed up and everything was ok.I rode the ski for about 35 40 minutes and it locked up.I hit the starter and nothing happened,so I guess it was really getting hot and metal expanded.The next morning with the ski cold it is still beeping at me even with a stone cold motor.I got fuel,I got spark, and compression but it just wont fire now and start up.Turns over fine just will not run.
    All the water lines look good and the premix is set to 50:1 this is the second time I have had the ski out with the 587 motor,first time nothing bad happened and ran good. The motor does have new jugs and pistons I have read I should run 32:1 ratio to break it in so maybe that is why it locked up.Anybody have any idea why a cold motor will beep and not fire?

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    Are sure it siezed did you hear the starter hitting and stopping.
    Get a compression tester to check should be around 150 ea hole if very low.
    I hate to give the bad news.....but you probably seized a piston or pistons. Now have low compression on one or both cylinders. After a rebuild you need to make sure you solved the problem that caused motor to fail first time. Like ,go through carbs and fuel pump,clean fuel filter, clean selector valve . change gray lines if any left.Possible crankcase leaks like seals ect..... Always do proper break in , lower RPMs varying the speed,complete cool down periods. Extra oil in mix or plus oil pump.If oil was synthetic 50-1 probably not been your problem. Most break in burn ups are "left over lean carb problems .
    Your not alone ...most guys on here , ended up after problems and mistakes same as me.
    A bore light , scope or camera to view piston wash, a carb pop of pump/ leak test "can be home made" sets of extra plugs to do plug chops. End up being cheaper than burnt pistons and time lost.

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    Might have suck up some trash. My old spx beeper went off like yours and it had a pice plasict bag stuck in the pump some where. I roll it on its side fireed it up and it shot out of the back. Dint mess up the ski. I think you might have some more going on there. Good luck

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    Thanks for the info.The compression is around 115,129 on the cylinders.This motor was on borrowed time any way.My friend bought it and it was locked up soaked in oil for awhile and it broke free.he rode it but the head bolts were stripped and leaking water into the hull.He let it sit I got the motor and it was locked up.Soaked it in oil and it came free again.I fixed the head with 2 new jugs and pistons.Seem to run ok so I got 2 runs out of it so figured that was worth my 70 bucks for the jugs (My friend gave me the new piston kit).It acts like it wants to start right now turns over and sounds like it always has.If it runs again so be it lol if not I will just find a replacment 720 motor that should be in there.

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    Well I had some time to work on the ski this weekend,The motor is free and turning fine,I have decent compression on both mag and pto cylinders.I have a primer kit so I know I got fuel going in,But can not get it to run.I have spark the only way I can get it to come to life is if I leave one plug out and one in,it will fire on one cylinder and run sort of. I can swap plug wires and same results will run with one cylinder.I can swap back and forth between mag and pto cylinder same thing. It does seem like it is shooting fuel up out of the rear carb barrel,It actually backfired and caught on fire out of the carb barrel. I don't know what else to check,the ski was running fine before it locked up now having these problems.

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    Pulled the jugs off the motor and the front piston has 2 deep cuts in it,this happened when it locked up.The grooves are deep enough to catch your fingernails on,to deep for the rings to really seal it/Looks like I need to find a 720 motor or do another top end kit on the 587.

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