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    2001 xlt power valves ?

    should the power valves open when the ski is on the trailer and the throttle is pinned WFO ? mine cycle when the ski is shut off and are moving free by hand - my 2001 xlt1200 wont rev past mid rpm in the water-checked the valves -they look ok -nothing in the pump -ski has not been sitting and fuel has allways been treated -any thoughts?

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    Well...I really hope you mean while on a trailer and in the water. The CDI will close the vavles at around 7400 rpm, it will begin to close them a fuzz earlier. So, if your ski is pretty much stock, no mods, and in the water, its likely not hitting over 7100, so the valves should be wide open. If its out of the water, then your hitting the rev limit, and the CDI should have closed them.

    I'd check compression and spark first, since thats easy and can reveal a lot. If one cylinder is not firing, that will cause the ski to act that way.
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