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    2003 Polaris MSX 140 Parts

    I have a bunch of remains from a Polaris MSX 140 part out...

    Gauge in good shape
    EMM / Injectors
    3 brand new SBT 85mm pistons
    2 used pistons in decent shape

    2 crankshafts (I think a good one could be made out of the two of them)..
    One has a bent connecting rod, the other probably needs bearings

    stock reed valves
    v-force reed valves (about 5 hours old)
    exhaust manifold
    water box
    cylinder head caps
    stator cover
    stator that is being sold as is..not sure if it is working or not,
    intake / tps

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    I am interested in a couple of items. PM'd you

    BTW nice to see some of the old school guys still around. I have been off the map for some time but am back. Found a smoking deal on an MSX 140......... finally.......... wanted one for years. Is beer dart still around?

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    Beerdart is indeed still around. Even still has some Polaris skis

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