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    HOW-TO: Remove and Replace starter in under 30 minutes!

    Hey everyone,

    I posted a thread a couple weeks ago regarding my ski not starting. It turns out the 7 year old starter was rusted and no longer worked. I search all over the internet and found the only solution was to remove the exhaust manifold.... Well I was not going to do that so.....This is how you replace the starter without removing the manifold

    1.) Troubleshoot to ensure the starter is the problem- Test voltage at the solenoid to check it. I was getting:

    Battery wire volts not cranking= 12.6
    Battery wire volts when cranking= 12.3
    Starter wire volts not cranking= 0
    Starter wire volts when cranking= 12.3

    Took apart the electronic box and ensured relay was clicking (it was) (took longer to check this then replace the starter!)

    2.) Stuck my handheld camera under the engine and started taking pictures and found this to be the problem.

    You will need a 1/4 inch 12mm socket and small ratchet. This was is 4 inches long. There are only 2 bolts holding the starter in place.

    3.)There are cooling hoses which you can see when looking on the Starboard side of the ski. You will need to position you arm to go in front of the rear motor mount and behind these hoses. Ensure to slide your arm in **FRONT** of the cable bracket to keep the cuts to a minimum. Once you have you hand under the motor the bolts are easy to find. You can follow the positive wire from the battery to get to the starter. There is also a ground wire connected to the bottom starter bolt. There is a separate ground wire which is connected to the motor. This is where these skis have ground problems and should be checked and greased while you are under there.

    4.) Make sure you have the ratchet on the loosen setting because of the angle it could feel like it is the wrong way....The 2 bolts were surprisingly not stubborn coming out. Once you get the bolts out the starter will most likely still be in the motor. If you need some assistance in getting the starter out. Look at the front of the exhaust manifold and there is a small gap where you can use a long flat head screw driver/ hammer and ** gently** tap the starter out.

    5.) Once you have the starter out and test it, you can order a new one. **FYI save the old starter until you receive the new one!! I ordered an aftermarket starter for $85 (Over $350 for OEM) and they ended up sending me one for and older year and the positive terminal was not angled correctly so it would not fit. They rush shipped me another one which was correct. This is the incorrect starter pictured....notice the post is not parallel to the bolt bracket!

    Assembly is doing the steps backwards. Advice when reassembling:
    • Grease/CRC the starter (slippery when installing but only way to do it)
    • Watch out for 2 smaller wires (run from motor to front of manifold) which can get caught on the starter
    • *If you can* use left arm to hold the starter and right fingers to maneuver the spindle into the hole use through the forward gap.
    • I was lucky enough when I got the spindle and starter lined up it slide right in.
    • **Don't forget the GROUND wire has to go back on. I hand tightened one bolt then attached the ground through the other bolt and hand tightened. Snug up the bolts and you are done!!

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    It will be very nice to know which model and year of ski you did this to.

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    Sorry 2005 FXHO

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