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    Will bad dess post do this?!

    I cant tell whats running after I took the lanyard out, but it ended up blowing a 10 amp fuse. Im pretty sure the starter is staying running. I know solenoid comes to mind, but the weird thing is, the display is flashing on and off like I'm inserting the lanyard in and taking it out. I could understand a bad dess post causing the flashing, but the starter staying running? What do i do!? I took video and I'd be happy to email it. Thanks!

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    I would think the motor you can hear running is the fuel pump. It just so happens that the fuel pump is also on a 10 amp fuse, weather that is the one that blew I dont know.

    Yes a mad dess post could cause it, as if it still thinks the key is on the pump will run to prime the system and the disply will flash if it thinks the key is being put on and off.

    You can prob go to the dealer and try a different dess post, its only a case of removing 3-4 pins depeding on year of ski and you can see if it solves it.

    Its nothing new for a dess post to die...


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