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    08 RXTX rattle, new solas prop

    Have just replaced prop with a solas 14/19. The ski always had the 'clink' rattle at idle. Thats gone, but now there is a harmonic rattle around 5000rpm. It goes away after about 5500ish. I had the shaft spun and linished and checked it was true.
    Wondered if any one else has had an issue or could it be something else that could be wrong..? I torqued the new prop up to 125nm as the manual says iv locktighted all the pump housing bolts etc etc and put plenty of grease on the shaft spline, rubber greased and replaced the support ring o-rings. The circlip seated well and the support ring sits flush and true against the carbon seal. The only thing i didnt replace is the wear ring as it looked like it wud go another round..

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    any one? do you think it could be the fact if used my old wear ring? i actually flipped it and put the 'unworn' end in first (call me a jew if you wish) so i could get the most out of it. i just dont wanna put it in the water if its gunna cause damage. i suppose i should run it up on the trailer on the water strapped down to try pin point the noise and see if it still makes it in the water.

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