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    07 rxp compression

    I've read all different things when it comes to compression.. Check it on a warm engine, check it on a cold one.. Take one plug out at a time.. Leave all plugs out.. So this is what I did and these are the numbers I got

    checked it cold at first, one plug out at a time, got 135, then let it run for 30 seconds max, didn't get too hot, and checked each cylinder and got 120.. But I have been having a low battery and I think it got tired of cranking.. All cylinders are at least the same, but don't know why they dropped from 135 to 120 after running for 30 seseconds

    the ski has 403 hours on it.. And a cheap autozone tester was used, I don't think its anything to be too worried about.. ? Ski runs great.. Just got x charger and 42s on it..


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    As long as the #'s are all even you are good to go.
    That's great you have 403 hrs.
    Your obviously doing the right thing with that rocket.
    Rip on..

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