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    What mods should I do to my stock 97 GP1200..

    First off hello all, I am new to this forum, but not new to the world of jetskiing. I run a superjet and have it heavily modified.... I do know some what of what I am talking about, It took me a long time to learn what mods to do to my ski and where to spend the money....

    This being said, my GF has a 1997 GP1200 completely stock and it runs great... She wanst some more emph out of it though... Realisticly the whole project would be under $1000 buxs...

    What are the common and best mods to do?
    Also maybe waht are the order you woud do the mods?

    I am thinking:
    intake grate
    ride plate
    blue print her pump
    some better flowing F/A
    possibly bolt on high compression head or get stock one cut
    a set of pipes if they come up.....

    Those are the mods we will probably do, I jsut dont know what types of any of taht are the best.

    All your help and time is greatly aprechiated!!!


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    Welcome Nick

    A couple of the old skool guys should chime in here soon.

    You may want to post this in the Old School Ski section

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    Hello Nick
    Good to have another old school person here. Come on over to the old school section and play.

    Your list of things to do looks good, one thing you might want to consider is adding the jetworks mod. A lot of people say it's one of the best mods for under a hundred dollars.


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    lol i never thought id be in an old school section.. i guess it is 10 years old... my superjet hull is 17 years old and its not even in the old school lol....

    Il make a new thread over there...

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    link to new thread:

    admins can kill or lock this one or whatever you guys do over here....

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    welcome to the hulk. If it's not a gpr or rxt/p than it's oldschool

    i'll post more on the other thread

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    pm sent on plate/intake

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    What is the Fastest speed anyone has posted on the Yamaha VX110deluxe??? I know this is a entry level ski, but curious.

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