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    Water backing up through bilge / siphon tubes SOLVED

    Thought I started a thread "couldn't find it" and some one told me to check the"STRAWS" in nozzle. I'm re-posting for a solution.
    When I used my 98 pump on my 97.5 , 98 had no bilge tubes and were capped off. I was getting water in hull driving me crazy . Turned out it was bilges were back flowing. Hung em out seat rest of the day. I thought it was a dissimilar pump spacing issue , but I had it almost perfect .
    Turns out the two tubes in venturi nozzle were gone. Motor in 98 was K group " I'm guessing 180 psi setup,possibly some porting, cut head ,2 hole base gasket, single head gasket " had bad bearing on crank never checked comp. Had a 16/21 impeller, guy must of been going for all out top speed and removed them.

    There is no part #s for these tubes, that I can find. I just spent $9 for one of the three small rubber gaskets to pump at dealer.Figured they would be $40 if they had them.
    Ended up buying faucet connectors "at ace" that were PEX tube 3/8" OD a couple #5 orings. I siliconed them in and pushed the Orings at the end to center them up & swabbed inside with Qtip. To make sure they were open.
    Hopfully all will be well . I just put the 98 back together with original pump. Went with 5 hole gasket and double plate head gasket. Pushing just under 160 psi . Want to test tomorrow if not too cold and super windy as today, 60 mi south of Chicago. Semi dry wetsuit and boots just came in yesterday.

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    271000338 - Siphon Tube

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    I've run into the missing siphon tube problem quite a few times. I assume they get nicked by smaller debris passing thru the pump..or the cement used has failed. I use some brass tubing and jb weld to replace them generally.

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    I'll order a set to "Carry with" be on the safe side, every little gasket or part I have to get at dealer because I don't want to wait is like WOW that much, With a few pleasant exceptions .....I'm happy there is one within 3 miles though.

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