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    Xlt1200 won't start

    Today I just replaced my wtemp sensor on my 01 xlt 1200 . I pull out the battery before replacing the sensor . Once I have everything in place and I go to start it up . Voltage pops up on my screen and it doesn't start . What could be the problem ?

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    is your Battery connections clean and tight, Is everything plugged back in as it was ?

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    Im pretty sure everything is connected back the way it was . could it be that my sensor isnt on tight enough ?

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    No, the ski will start and run without the temp sensor even installed, it just gives the temp alarm.

    Does the ski turn over, can you hear the solenoid clicking?

    To test you can place the probes of a multi meter on the starter cable lug on the e-box, then press the start button. If you are getting 12v or more when the button is pressed then everything between the battery and there is good, and the problem is the starter or starter cable. I've had issues with where the starter cable connects to the starter, the nuts on the mounting post need to be tight and clean, usually you can wiggle the wire at the starer while pressing the button to check.

    If you aren't getting 12v thru the e-box, then the problem is battery, battery cables, or in the ebox. The ground cable is very important, make doubly sure its clean and snug on the engine and battery terminals.

    Good luck.

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    I changed batteries and it worked perfect . so im going to replace the battery

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