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    Tonnes of MSX 140 Parts

    I have various things available from my 2003 Polaris MSX 140.
    All prices include shipping within US/Canada.

    3 Brand new SBT 85mm Pistons, rings, pins, circlips in box $180 with shipping
    3 Cylinder Head Caps $50 with shipping
    EMM and Injectors (matched set) $600 with shipping
    Gauge Cluster $200 with shipping
    Exhaust Manifolds $100 with shipping
    Water Box $80 with shipping
    Exhaust Silencer Plastic Pipe $50 with shipping
    Magneto,Alternator (email me, may need very slight repair) $100 with shipping
    Starter $50 with shipping
    Starter Bendix $free with starter

    Stock Reeds $30 with shipping
    Intake with TPS Sensor $50 with shipping
    Crank Position Sensor (free with anything else here)
    Two Core Crankshafts (to be determined)

    There are no body parts available...I have a few various engine parts as well, engine mounts, various aluminum peices, etc, stainless steel bolts, etc
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    PM me with an 'all of this stuff' price.

    I am on the road today but will try to check messages later.

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