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    '08 Yamaha GP1300r Throttle cable stuck.

    So I've just got through my first winter of owning a ski, but it seems the throttle cable has seized. It still revs the engine fine, but when it gets about half way down to the grip, it won't go any more. I'm scared to squeeze too tight incase I snap the cable. Will fixing this be as simple as adjusting the cable, or is something else wrong?
    Also, I'm new to all this, so how do you adjust the cable? Sorry for being a noob lol

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    I would check the throttle linkage, by turning it wide open by hand and seeing where it is stuck.

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    You need one of these
    I bought one from the yamaha dealer and it makes it a breeze to lube the cables.

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    It sounds like you need a new cable. it is hard to replace with the pipe on but can be done.

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