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    2003 rx DI 951 water inhaled

    A friend of mine has a 2003 rx with the 951 engine . He let his friend ride it and he flipped it over. He took it home and followed the water inhale instructions per the manual. The problem they are having is the ski runs ok on the trailer but in the water runs like it is in limp mode. They tested the fuel pressure to the fuel rail and it checked out per spec. They popped the head off to make sure the rods were not bend they appear to be ok? Do you know what else they should be checking. The ski was ruunning fine before the friend flipped it over. My name is Jeff Hill and I live in Rochester, New York. My email is [email protected] thank you very much Jeff

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    check the plugs for water droplets - blow them off if needed.. Water will short the plug electrode and cause a dropped cylinder..

    Usually you will have to do this several times before the cylinder will fire and the plug will come out dry..

    Also a hydrolocked bottomend could cause a reed to break - and cause a not running condition on one cylinder

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    if you aren't getting the maint warning, I'd agree with checking for a broken reed. This has to be a manual inspection as a compression test will typically not show this problem. Check that the air line on the compressor outlet has not blown off, this will also fail to trigger a maint warning.

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    Usually the front bearing shits itself and the crank starts to oscillate, very minimal at first but gets worse rapidly.Is it throwing any codes ?

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    We are going to check the reeds on Monday night will post back to update.
    Thanks for the help. will check to see what codes we might have.

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    OOps posted to check pulse line for water then reread it's DI'

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