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    Supercharger Brake-in period??

    I've tried searching but cant find the answer. My 255hp has 140 hours, the dealer is changing my supercharge under warranty because the used the wrong oil on my engine so they are replacing the supercharger with a brand new one. I need to know if there is a brake-in period for the sc, if so what is it? and what precautions should I take? is it like the normal brake-in when the engine is new? or this doesn't apply and theres is no brake-in?


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    Re: Supercharger Brake-in period??

    Hammer down

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    Just make sure they really give you a new supercharger and they don't rebuild your old one, have them show you the old parts when you pick up your ski,

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    BRP recommends the 1st hour to NO wide open riding, NO hard accelerating, and Try to keep the ski in the water to keep the clutch from slipping...If you come out of the water, let off the gas till your back in the water then hit it again...After 1 hour your good to go...

    Thats how I do it

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    Give it hell and test it good...

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