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    2002 Honda Aquatrax runs but cuts out with throttle opened up

    My ski was flipped and took on water. When I got it out of water, it didin't turn over at first. Found it to be hydrolocked. Got the water out. Engine turned over, but didn't start. Changed the engine oil probably 5 times until i got all the water out. Siphoned out bad gas and bam it started. With water hooked up, it starts fine, but if I throttle it some, light smoke starts coming out the back end. Well everything sounded good even with the smoke coming out. I wanted to get it back in water and went to a local lake today and tested it out. it started great and I took it slow at first, then gradually got more speed, then in one of my runs I had throttle all the way open and it took off, but when I let go it died. Tried starting it a couple of times and finally got it started again with throttle open, sounded like it was missing now and then I just let it die and got towed back. Got home and it runs, but when i open throttle up, got light smoke and it dies. I'm not sure what is going on. Thanks in advance for all the help.


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    Sounds like water in the fuel to me. Can you hook up a separate source of fuel or may need to completely clean out the tank

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    I have fresh fuel in there right now. I siphoned out the water logged fuel, that wasn't pleasant, as gas doesn't taste great. I do have some oil on the intake to the airbox from the turbocharger. Seems to run fine and fire up fine without throttle engaged. I still want to take it out of the garage and run water see if i'm getting water going into the airbox, or maybe oil is fowling stuff. Thanks for the help.

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    Did you just siphon the fuel with a hose? If so you are bound to have a small amount still sitting at the bottom of the tank also. Some people swear by adding some methylated spirits to mix with the water and then be drawn through a burnt but I have always been sceptical about that one. What colour is the smoke? White, blue or black?

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    Its like a light white smoke, but only when I throttle it. But after my water run on Sat I haven't run it up with throttle opened up. I might be trying that tomorrow though. One thing I might have forgot to say, when I was out the water, after it died, I could get it fired back up with throttle opened, but it sounded like it was missing.

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    Yeah, I guess make sure the coils are dry down in the cylinder head. But chances are water is in the fuel. If you removed the pump unit and looked down in there with a safe type of torch you may see water collected at the bottom. Are you sure its smoke and not just steam?

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    I will let you know this weekend when I fire it back up. I'm gonna look at splicing my fuel hose to use my other jet ski tank where I know the fuel is good. Also will check plugs and leaving off airbox, to see if oil is coming from turbocharger. Thanks for your help.

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    Well I was able to fire up the ski and ran it for 30 minutes or so. Checked oil after that and it was good. Put everything together except for seat and ran it another 15 minutes. I opened the throttle and it was good. The only thing I can think happened is the exhaust hose coming from the water muffler to the water outlet of the ski was loose. Maybe water was getting in the air flow. Or the seat got water logged and does not breathe correctly. Does that make any sense. Also checked all the plugs and 2 of them had a bit of oil which would explain the light white smoke.

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    You may want to check compression. Any motor that gets hydrolocked can have bent rods or a twisted crank.

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