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    R&D Powershot vs Riva/EJK Fuel controller

    I was searching the forum and everything that was mentioned spoke of the "old" Riva controller so I'm hoping someone might know. I'm in need of a fuel controller and was doing research on both of the ones mentioned in the title. They essentially look the same, they both have what looks to be the same amount of wires coming out of the unit. The R&D one is about $60 more than the "new" Riva/EJK efi controller. What would constitute the $60 difference, is it just the R&D sticker? Does anyone know if there is actually any difference between the 2.
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    the r&d will put out a little more fuel on the big bore motors........if your doing light mods riva is fine...

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    yea all my mods are the bolt on ones, I haven't gone big bore. On EJK's website they're selling the units for $250, that's a pretty big difference. I was leaning towards the R&D one but based on price alone, a $200 difference is probably going to be the selling point for me.

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