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    Another Jetworks install thread...

    Hi All,

    Im planning to do this mod soon. Ive read all the posts regarding this, over and over!

    But just wanted to clarify that i have it 100%. Ive also been speaking to WFO (what an awesome guy btw!!! - I cant recommend him highly enough!!).

    Im getting the pro set with the stealth mod. I just wanted to clarify that the intake will be coming from here (which im told is the syphon bilge, not the electric one?): Click image for larger version. 

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    And as for the outlet, ill be fitting the stealth mod onto the hose that is circled in red on this picture:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks guys. And again, sorry for the additional Jetworks thread! - I know it has been talked to death, but for a newbie clarification is always the best!


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    Its hard to see where the inlet is coming from, but most have a tap on the pump strainer box taking in the water, and using a thru hull fitting coming out somewhere under the grab handle in back. The siphon bilge creates a vacuum to suck water out, not let water in.

    Did you read this?

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    Thanks pokplaya, that was my original understanding too, but after speaking with WFO this is what he has told me via email (thus wanted to clarify that i read and understood it correctly)

    "no holes needed... use the siphon bilge fitting in the transom to supply water into the hull, and stelth to dump water"

    And last question is it ok to set the opening of the valve on the trailer via this method? -
    20a. Take hose off of the outlet side of the Jetworks valve
    20b. Attach a piece of 3/8 hose long enough to go outside of the engine compartment to the outlet side of the valve.
    20c. Run boat with the seat off. While watching the tach, you do not want any water shooting out of the hose until the tach reaches your desired point. I get mine to open between 3300 and 3500 RPM's. If the valve is opening too soon you have to turn the valve clockwise to raise the pressre on the spring. If the valve is opening too late vise versa.
    20d. After opening point is set, re-attach jetworks valve to the inlet on the pipe.
    Or should it be done on the water?

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    Perhaps he meant the water spout on the pump nozzle to supply the water? I cant see getting a water supply from the siphon bilge. Maybe he could chime in, I would like to know also.
    For your other question, 3300-3500 Rpm should be a little more than idle out of water, so that should be fine.

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    He is saying to use the siphon fitting as the through hull fitting for the added fitting in the strainer cover.

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    I will supply a strainer plate, drilled and tapped with a fitting for the water feed line. Yes, it will connect to the transom plate there, and delete the siphon bilge system since you already have a electric fuel pump on your craft.

    Yes, the drain Y fitting will go into that hose about 10" before it exits the transom plate.

    I will pre-set the valve for you, but I always double check it in the water under normal operating conditions... you just hook the old bilge hose that was on the exit nozzle to the end of the valve, and hang it overboard and ride it with the seat off to see what rpm the valve opens

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