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    No compression on center cylinder 01 xlt yam waverunner 1200

    the center cylinder the most common one to out? Wat is the little light icon on the read out gauge that looks like a exhaust symbol? It came on while riding it and beeped on off till I shut it off. After 30 min of coolin off it started up and an great for bout 1 hr then sitten round idling it it just quit. Try to start it and it just rattled and that's wen I done compression check and it read 120 on front rear cyl and 30 on center one.

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    time for a rebuild. plenty of information here to assist you in the project. usually its the #3 jug to lean seize

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    Yes, a complete over haul of engine! Do u kno wat the little exhaust lookin symbol means wen it comes up on the display gauge? Thank ya man!

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    It is the exhaust temp warning. Do you still have the cat on your XLT? How many hours are on it?

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    Yes, it still has the cat. round 99hrs. This exhaust warning light came on earlier n the day before it went down. After shutting it off for bout 30 min, it started back up great with no warning lights or exhaust symbol or the warning beeper.It was round 30-45 min or later wen it went down.Was just idling around a few minuets, then it just died.

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    Your cat cold be breaking/ broken up and causing it to overheat. Throw away and buy a d plate n chip

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    Yeah that sounds likely, might as well go D plate while you have everything apart for rebuild.

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    Thanks for the info guys! I'll check the cat while I have it apart and consider the d plate. Thanx again!

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    dont consider do it now!!!!!!

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