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    155 4tec bogging after 1/2 throttle

    Ran the boat this Sunday for a solid 8 hours with no issue. However on the way back to the ramp it would bog really bad if I gave it anything past half throttle, but ran fine under half. I was thinking fuel pump as the fuse had already burned up on me once; or a possible exhaust leak? But that would make it run like crap no matter where the throttle was. So I am leaning more towards the fuel pump. I have read on here of people replacing the $850 pump with a cheap one from Walbro. Is this possible with the Sportster? Any links/info on this swap would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try changing the plugs first. I had one go bad after 2 hours of riding.

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    hi brotu, have only just found this forum after long search, and what a great site, full of info, i have the same ski with 67 hrs and does the same thing,i also run it at the weekend for a long time, i have checked the plugs and replaced them,i also took out the fuel pump and checked filter [ all ok ], removed fuel and replaced, tested it running and it is still the same, i was wondering if you or any one else could shed any light on the problem? kind regards peter in qld,au.

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