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    1997 SLTX 1050 runs fine on water then quits, starts right up, any answers? thanks

    1997 1050 sltx

    runs fine then just quits. always starts right back up.. needs help
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    What maintenance and diagnostics have been done?

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    Make sure you are running resistor plugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetwolf View Post
    Make sure you are running resistor plugs.
    it has resistor plugs

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    Do you see any oil in the bottom of the engine/inside the hull? If any oil lines came off you might be experiencing piston seizure, especially if the battery seems weak right after it shuts down

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    no oil and lots of battery starts up quit could it be the kill switch

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    its the stator,
    same thing happened to my pro, it would run a while then stop, run a while then stop, Matt at Gene's Power sports used to race the 785's back in the day, he said STATOR,
    changed the stator and it has been running fine since,

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    thanhs skigolfnut for answers but how do you check this for sure.. not very good on computer... could you call me at 517-347-2554 thank you Ron

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