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    Hello Fellow Seadoo Owners!!

    I am coming over from the darkside.

    Former Polaris owner.
    OK..well i aint all that. I bought a 94 750 SL last year rode it for about 4hrs then the fuel lines inside the tank rotted off! I then rebuilt the carbs and upgraded the fuel system over the winter and then i sold it!!
    So TOTAL time on a PWC = 4hrs!!
    4.1hrs now!
    I took this GSX Limited for a spin before i bought it.
    I paid a premium price for it. 3400 cdn With a Galvanized Trailer in excellent shape. Both the ski and the trailer.
    The ski.
    The dude just got it out of the repair shop. ST. Onge in Barrie Ontario.
    Work done. HUGE LIST! all parts are new.
    Wear Ring.
    Impeller was refurbished and is now all shiny. I have seen where they machined out some bad spots. Bearings and all were replaced.

    Engine. WOW.
    New Head
    New Crank, pistons, rods and counter balance(what the heck is that btw??)
    Carbs rebuilt(SIGH! WTH man. They redid the carbs but left the Grey Tempo Lines on from the tank to the carbs!! GRR)((I am going to cut the line at the carbs and install a fuel filter for a temporary fix. I will change ALL the lines out over the winter)
    RAVE valves new.
    Info center works. However. Low Oil Light is illuminated. New sensor or i will look in here somewhere and see if i can fix it myself. If not. Who Cares. I will ensure the oil level is always full anyways.

    Couple of questions.
    1. As the engine is pretty much brand new. Am i correct in thinking i need a 32:1 oil ratio in my gas for the first 10hrs of operation?(yes Bombardier XP synthetic)
    2. With the oil level sensor out, what OHM resistor can i use to make it read full?
    3. there is an engine under that MASSIVE Exhaust pipe right?? That thing is HUGE!!

    For the short time i had this thing out.
    I will get pics and post them up in the next few days.

    thank you.

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    The TEMPO line ,dont do any hokie fuel line crap because imo it will clog quick,RUN LEAN and burn a hole in a piston....

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    The lines aren't always breaking down. I've done 5 skis all were fine still . I would do the 5/16' & 1/4" return line first before any filter solution. If any hint of breakdown then do everything except vent lines.
    I was real anal about doing a neat job on GSX LTD pulled and cleaned selector valve all lines except on carbs took like an hour. Hardest part was zipstrip high under steering.
    Balance shaft smooths out vibrations.
    Is it still oil injected ? If so I think 14 oz in first full tank put's it to that. Most say use a non SYN oil as break in oil in that first tank . SBT has something called break in oil. Since oil isn't mixed in any tanks regular is OK. You should clean RAVES after break in anyway.
    Search out "break in procedures PWC " Heating and cool down times , varying RPMs , no full throttle runs at first tank ect........
    I cooked my first SBT motors mag piston not being careful enough. This time around I am doing it right ,still just "getting to full throttle runs now". I richened up both hi needles as well. I can always turn them back in.
    If converted to premix , I pushed a twist tie in the little drain holes for oil float to keep it up in case I want to go back to pump. Pretty sure it's just a low switch., but keep asking, check Ebay for one.

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    "Hardest part was zipstrip high under steering." Damn you are not wrong there!!..What PITA! that is.
    I went ahead and changed all the fuel lines. I didnt have to do the carbs, as they had just been done.
    I changed the main feed line to the carbs. No problem.(that is a PITA though!)
    Changed the ON line and the out line from the fuel selector, it was clean.
    When i got to the Reserve Line! First thing i noticed was it wasn't coming off. It wouldnt budge. I had to really work it to get it off the selector. When i got it off i looked at the valve and it was almost fully clogged with GREY GOOP!. This was the reserve line feed into the Selector Valve.
    I AM SO GLAD THAT I TOOK THE ADVICE!! and changed ALL the lines!
    The machine only has .4 hours since the shop took the hour reading when it was brought in. So i think i am safe. I removed the fuel seperator and dump the gas out, it didnt have any contamination in it.
    I thoroughly cleaned the selector valve, and sure enough the Res side of the valve wasnt running as clean as the Main. Thats fixed.
    I am going to install a temp fuel filter after the selector valve.
    Over the winter i will clean the tank.
    All the other lines and tubes look clean.

    It is oil injected. I am going to toss some oil into the fuel. Probably try and get a 32:1 ratio.
    thanks for the tip on cleaning the RAVE valves. I will do that over the winter.
    I have read about the breakin procedures. I wont get WOT this season. But thats ok.
    I will fiddle with that oil sender unit. If i have to buy big deal.
    Thanks for the replies.
    AND THANKS FOR THE STICKY for Changing the lines!!..It just may have saved me an engine. WHEW!!

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