Did you know Seadoo discontinued the older style (pre 1996) quick disconnect fittings that go on the skis? There was 2 styles, the T fitting style that went inline of the main cooling line, and the fitting that came off the back of the head right into a one way fitting. Seadoo has stopped producing both. However Atlantis now makes a direct replacement for those now discontined flush fittings. They are avaible on their web site. Its a lot easier than making a new fitting and allows you to use your original quick disconnect hose. here is a link


Just to be clear I am not doing this post just to sell product, I owned a 1993 xp and broke the fitting on mine, and tried ordering it from seadoo and was told no longer avaible,I got frustrated trying to find a alternative or a used one, so thats why I asked Atlantis to devlope it, I am just trying to let people know there is a alternative out there. Thank you
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