I've got a 2001 1100 STX D.I looks like it developed a Lean condition in #2 cylinder
probably because injector #2 was failing

so I was thinking to hone cylinder #2 out and install a replacement stock bore piston

was going to send in the injector in to DFI technologies, have the injector tested / repaired

while I was at it, thought to go ahead and send in all the injectors, the EMM, have all bench tested to make sure all those components are ok

But when I went to hone cylinder #2 I notice a good size chunk of the sleeve at one of the side ports(mid way up) is damaged, starting to break away, etc...
now I'm considering getting a top end rebuild kit w recondition cylinder from SBT

Also when I called DFI technolgies in Alamaba to inquire about bench testing, injector repair, specifics costs, etc... they informed me that they do not do PWC D.I. injectors, just D.I. injectors for outboards

Would love to get some feedback from others on this, also any other resources that are available to have the injector tested, repaired, etc... would be very helpful

or maybe it would be best to just buy a set of used injectors, then I could have options to pick out the best one to use