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    06 Stx 15f not up to full speed?

    I took my 06 15f out today run great for 20 min, then got slower and slower no warning lights and would only go 36 mph. When I got home and look at the engine, I saw that the Tube pipe ex-muffler was tore and exhaust was coming out of that. Could the exhaust coming out of there instead of the muffler slow the ski down? Or is something else wrong?

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    Yes a exhaust leak will cause what your ski is doing.

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    not enough backpressure is what it sounds like

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    Thanks guys!

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    Not enough backpressure? No its trying to breathe exhaust. Fix it and check the cooling lines for blockages, the pipes don't rupture for no reason. Make sure that you get the rings seated in the header properly because without it the hose will burn again.


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