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    Bad pump and possible Engine. Now I need your help

    This past weekend I lost the impeller shaft bearing. It starting having a small vibration maybe 40 miles up river, without having too many options I had to keep going and it didn't take much longer before the vibrations got worse. When the vibrations went away I knew it wouldn't be long and I started towards shore and before I got there I lost all thrust. Within seconds of loosing thrust I shut the engine down so it seemed to still be running great at that point. As I was fighting the current trying to beach the ski it took on enough water that it was within a few inches of submerging the engine. I pulled all the plugs and they were completly dry however the engine oil had water in it. I changed the oil and remove the impeller shaft and was going to start the engine to make sure everything is okay but it won't start and has an idler code on the dash.

    Now that I have the background information out I would like your advice.

    What other steps should I take at this point? I'm thinking maybe one of the sensors died when it got submerged.

    The oil that came out of the engine did not have any solid particles in it but I won't have a chance to open the filter up until tomorrow to see if it has any metal shavings. Unfortunately I work on ATV's and UTV's and not PWC's and didn't spend any time on this forum before having my problem.

    If the engine happens to be toast, What are the differences between this engine and the engine in the zx14? I happen to know where there are a couple built zx14 engines are but never had a reason to purchase least not until now if they will work.

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    Which model ski?

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    Bad pump and possible Engine. Now I need your help

    Are you sure the pump bearings went out ? Did you remove the pump yet ? If the pump bearings actually went out theres a 99% chance it took the motor out as explained in your other post. Check the crank end float by sticking a screw driver behind the coupler on the motor and see if it moves out then stick one on the out side of the coupler and pry inwards see if it moves. It should have next to no play. How did water get in the hull ? Because thats not from loosing the pump bearing unless you tore the thru hull fitting somehow. Are you sure you dont have a water leak in the hull and the vibration you felt was the sc belt slipping. Once it slips enough the ski will hardly run.

    Hopefully you changed the oil several times All ready to get the water out or else bad news.
    Zx14 motor is completely different

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    I think he means he lost the through hull drive shaft bearing, that's how the ski filled up with water.
    need to check pump bearings too and like Fire mentioned, check the end float of the crank.
    Is there a spark when you crank it over?????

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    The ski is an 07 250x.

    The bearing carrier that mounts inside the hull is torn into pieces and that is where the water came in from. The impeller also has lots of wear where it has been rubbing the pump housing. I haven't had a chance to get to deep into yet and haven't torn anything apart yet but I didn't want to leave water in the crank case so I made time to change the oil. I changed the oil and filter then attempted to start the ski but it wouldn't fire. I hoped that since it cranked a little bit that it would be enough to get a little bit more water out since it wouldn't and I changed the oil a second time. I also plan on doing at least one more oil change if I can get it running.

    I do have a lot of knowledge or ATVs/UTVs and have specialized in them for many years now but have never really gotten into PWC. When the bearing started going I could easily tell where the problem was but being that I was soo far from trailer that I didn't have much choice but to continue on and hope for the best. It sucks being 50-60 miles from the trailer, 1/2 hour from dark and can't even get your ski to float without it taking on water at a rapid rate. Once on the beach I was able to drain the water out pull the intake grate, then I cut the silicone from the intake grate into small pieces and stuffed the pieces around the impeller shaft untill it was completely packed. It was enough to seal up the ski so that it wouldn't take on water and we were able to tow it to the nearest ramp 1-2 miles further up river.

    I appreciate the help and suggestions provided and will keep you posted when I get a chance to dig into it a little bit further. Part of me hopes I didn't loose the engine and part of me knows its a good excuse to buy a newer ski. I'll be ordering all of the upgrade parts to install into my sister ski before it fails too.

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    Oh I know. Just so many hours in the day and too many other obligations to manage. With really no time available in the near future I made the decision to take it to a local dealership. I don't know that their techs have the same mechanical skills that I do and I normally do all my own work but I at least feel better knowing they started on it right away. Hopefully I will hear from them today.

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    Any updates? Fingers crossed it isn't all bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwakmat View Post
    Any updates? Fingers crossed it isn't all bad.

    I actually got away from the shop a little early today to get the ski! There were no signs of metal in the oil and very little found in the filter. The little bit in the filter appears it could be a little residual from engine break-in. This will be the 4th time the oil has been changed and the ski has right around 30 hours on it. After picking the ski up I was also able to get the pump what a mess! Hopefully sending it out next week to see if it can be rebuilt. But I have saved the best news for last. There is no play in the crank shaft so I believe I may have gotten away with one. I'm pretty sure the impeller bearing went out first and the impeller wore out inside the pump before the front hull bearings went out. I would be willing to bet that there is a 1/8" or more gap between impeller and pump housing.

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    if there are problems in the crank area it would be cheaper to fix now, could get very expensive latter.

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    I hear ya loud and clear on that but feel comfortable taking my chances with it. Plus I can purchase a much newer 2010 or 2011 300x from a powersports auction for not much more than it would cost me to put a pump and engine in this ski and then I would just part this ski out to make up the difference. In 2009 I purchased (2) '07 250x (one with 7 hours and this one had 19) plus a brand new tandem trailer for $13K.

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