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    Polaris Sl750 Stator Replacement/Wont Start

    Hi Everyone,
    Where do i begin, I was starting my ski this spring to get it ready for summer. Got it running ran great, killed the engine and put seat back on to only have smoke fill entire hull within a few minutes. The Stator ground wire had shorted out im guess because my dumb a** forgot to put the cover back on the battery before sitting the electrical box.. It completely Fried the stator harness and damaged the stator itself a little. I purchased a used stator from ebay, tore everything apart. May i add getting the flywheel off sucks, especially leaving the engine in the boat. i know im supposed to line the tick mark on the stator up with the case halves. Problem is they are two of them and i can only line 1 mark, up the top one.. the top one maxes the adjusment of the stator out . What did i do wrong. i put it together like that wired it up in box and spliced the harness together outside the box where it had been cut apperently during salvage removal. The motor cranks but will not fire at all. i removed the front spark plug and left the wire on and cranked the motor to see if i was getting spark. No spark, i would appreciate any advise, pictures of how stator was installed, anything. Thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk! Lots of good info here:

    Stator alignment:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome to the Hulk

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    What year 750?

    Is the lanyard installed?

    Do you have another CDI to try out just in case yours is fried?

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    Nope no extra cdi. I was wanting to rule everything else out before I
    Bought another cdi. Any suggestions where to start? Also the lanyard was installed and it's a 1995 sl750.

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    What did the used stator you bought off Ebay come out of? (what is written on the back of it in ink?)

    Ohm test the stator to make sure it's good.

    How about posting a clear pic of your elec box connections?

    If the stator tests out OK,the coils test OK, and the kill switch isn't grounding out, then you will prob need to try a different CDI as there's no way to test it.

    What's your location? Maybe a near by member can lend you a tester CDI.

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    THe guy said it was from a running 1995 sl750, pictures of item below. Going to try and test stator, coils and kill switch this weekend, i will keep you informed. im located around Caverun Lake, Morehead Ky.. Can you tell me what years and models will interchange for the CDI in a 1995 sl750?

    Thanks for all the help

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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