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    STX 12F - low power

    I have had a low power / over heating issue let me try and explain.....approx 50hrs on machine - always been running well. Its used along the coastline - beach launching, playing in the waves and fishing. My son flipped it once in heavy seas and since then its been over heating when riding slowly and the LCD display started playing up.....dim and bright on the display and then eventually no display on the LCD.....probably got wet when it capsized..? the ski is now.., since the capsize and LCD failure not capable of full power.....sometimes it would jump between full power and low power mode -un explicably, i understand there is a protection system on board that would prevent full power mode whilest overheating....???....its now kinda stuck in "training/nivice /low power mode" power setting now ...have sent it in for a service and was told the failed LCD display is causing the problem and the engine management system is thus stuck in "Novice mode".......somehow it sounds Irish....any comments are welcome...

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    no display = no full power, dealer is correct, need a display, have the dealer REPLACE the coolant pipe under the intake manifold as well, plugs, oil change.

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    Re: STX 12F - low power

    Are you handy with wiring?


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