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    00' DI

    I am working on my first DI 2stroke and trying to get an understanding of it,.. right know the ski will crank but cut right back off,.. there is what i assume, some sorta air pimp on the lower back end of the engine with a hose going to a valve, that hose blows off at the pump and when it does the ski will crank and idle but will not take any throttle.. hooked up my sea scan and it shows no codes and have been looking at live data but not sure what i am loking for,... any thoughts or help would be great!. this is a 00' sea doo GTX DI millennium edition

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    the air compressor on the back of the engine supplies about 90 psi of air to the fuel injection rail, and to the electric signal solenoid for the rave valves.

    first, check to make sure that the air compressor is pumping 90 psi, and that there are no leaks in any of those hoses, and all connections are secure.

    there should be a hose coming directly out of the top of the compressor, with a stud mount.. and another plastic hose off the side of the top of the housing, and it should be secured via a hose clamp, or oetiker clamp..

    if there is no compressed air, the fuel injection rail will not work properly, and will not direct inject fuel into the head.

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    also, if i put my hands over the throttle bodies to cut air off from engine it will try to rev up...

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    i am only showing 50 psi from pump..

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    ok, fuel pressure maxed out my gauge over 100psi, so i assume thats fine... but the air pump showed only 50 psi with two different gauges,.. any know if you can remove the piston and check it out without removing engine..or what the rebuild process would be for it?

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    yeah, you can remove the top half of the compressor from the mount.. three bolts.. and various hoses connected to it.. air pressure lines and coolant hoses.. (the coolant water is ran through a water jacket on the top of the housing, before it travels to the tuned pipe.. thats another story .. )

    The seadoo manual state to inspect the upper housing, and the reed valve assembly, repair any issues, and mount it back on, to see if that fixes the issue, before going further with a complete rebuild..
    you cant really get to the piston/sleeve part of it, without pulling off the PTO flywheel, and accessing the lower end of the engine..

    download a shop service manual, to get the pictures and idea of what your looking for.. basically the reed need to be flat, and the gasket needs to be in good condition..

    sbt makes a rebuild kit for 40 bucks.. but it sure looks like a lot of work to get the piston and sleeve out of there if you dont have to..

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    yeah i got the top part off and everything there seems to look ok, pulled the sleeve out and have to pull pto to get side cover off...sleeve looks good no scaring but who knows,...

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