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    Question Steering stiffens under acceleration

    Just a quick question regarding steering. I have an unusual situation on my '95 SLX 780. The steering stiffens under acceleration.
    Once idling, the steering is loose but when you accelerate or have continuous throttle application, the steering is very stiff and difficult to turn.
    1) Should I remove the cable and try to lubricate?
    2) Should I simply replace the cable?

    I was having this problem last year before I burned up the hull through bearing and drive shaft.

    I replaced the shaft and bearing assembly with new but the steering problem persists. I do not see any kinks or problems with the cable and when I had the pump off, the nozzle at the end of the pump moved freely.


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    Had same issue with my Pro 785, found the cable was moving inside where it passes thru the rear hull . A quick fix is to install a split wheel collar where the cable goes into the plastic ( where the nut screws on ) . Will hold it until you get a new cable

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    Ok will try the collar when I get home. Any Ideas on where to get a collar like you speak of?

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    You can spray lube the cable while on the boat. Try that first.

    Then look at the cable while someone turns the handle bars for you. Look for any signs of movement or kinks all along the length of the cable.

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