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    1997 GP760 will not turn over

    Im new to this forum and to working on skis but I have a problem Im hoping y'all can help me with. I was just given a 97 gp760 because the previous owner said he couldn't get it to crank and it will not turn over. The starter engages but it just clicks. Their is oil in the reservoir but I'm thinking the pump might have gone out and locked it up. If there is any advice out there I was told this is the place to come ask. I am mechanically inclined and know my way around an engine but before I do a complete tear down I wanted to know what I was getting myself into and if there is any chance at saving her. I thank you in advance for any help that can help me.

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    Re: 1997 GP760 will not turn over

    can you manually turn the shaft?

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    click or clunk because there is a big difference. click means put a test light on the red wire of the starter..if it lights the starter is bad. clunk means look at the motor does it move just a little if so its the jet pump liner.. if not its the engine
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    You have to determine if the starter or starter relay is bad or if the engine or jetpump is seized up

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    I just made it back home from a wedding so as soon as I get a non-rainy day I will definitely have to try the shaft and see how it turns or if it can. It really is more of a clunk sound though and I can feel it when I hit the start button. Thank you all so much for your help so far. Im sure I will have more questions the farther I get into this.

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