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    Yamaha GP1200R Ride Plate Bots

    Hello, I was going to install my Riva ride plate, but the right rear nut broke loose and the bolt just spins. yea, I used heat...maybe not enough? The question is ...I can see the tall brass nut spinning if I look through the drain plug hole. I can even stick a screw driver in there and hold the nut a little. I wanted to try to remove the drain plug housing and use a pair of needle nose vice grips to hold the nut to remove the bolt, but the dang nuts are turning on the drain plug housing as well! If I grind/drill out the bolts on the drain plug housing and remove it, will I be able to get enough bite on the ride plate nut to get it off using needle nose vise grips? I really do not want to go through the process of going through the hull to get to that one nut for a couple of mph on the top end!


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    Making it way to hard on yourself. Just take the bucket/battery out and the block of foam and you can see the whole back of the hull. You will most likely need to take out some of the exhaust pieces too. You will never get it through the rear drain plug and you need to replace them. You need to order the newer brackets from the 05+ skis. I'm switching mine out right now to prevent this from happening.

    Edit: get #'s 57 and 59.


    If you didn't get a D plate, wave eaters and seal the pump shoe you might also want to look in to that as well.
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