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    Polaris SLTX,1050 cc.

    I read some guy was having a problem with his sltx, run sluggish after 4500-4800 rpm, I believe he said that he rebuilt it. If your PWC is running like mud at higher or won't go higher rpm's, Check you rev limiter, I had the same problem after I bought a used one from a guy. Took it in to a friend and he just switched 2 wires, they were put on backwards, I know it sounds to easy but it worked on my, it's now going about 60 mph and thats with a person on a tube, flagman, and driver. I ride my 2 PWC hard real hard. Give it a try, you have nothing to loose but some time on the lake and we could all use more time on the lake

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    the 1050s and 900s have two different firing orders. if you mix up one with the other, switching plug wires will correct the problem.

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