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    Body Beach Practice (World Finals)

    How about a little common sense at body beach!

    Stand-ups run at the top of the hour, sit-downs run at the bottom of the hour. (during World Finals practice)

    Spread the word!

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    I dont think there needs to be any kind of a schedule for it, just some common sense...We are all adults!!!!!

    Must be a large group of rookies this year, I am hearing of all kinds of stupidty going on there!!!!!

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    Body Beach Practice (World Finals)

    Sit downs racing around the same buoys, at the same time with skis, always create problems. It is like this every year because nobody has created a common sense solution.

    Very simple.. If you show up at 1:15 pm, skis are on the course until 1:30. The RAs would run from 1:30-2:00 pm and so on..

    Skis run from the top of the hour to the bottom. RAs run from bottom to top of the hour.

    Somebody is going to get hurt if not...

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    Body Beach Practice (World Finals)

    And no on the rookies I watched Macc riding up on some novice guys ass. He was on a standup rookie was on sitdown. Pros are just as guilty here..

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    Body Beach Practice (World Finals)

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    Body Beach Practice (World Finals)

    This gentlemen's rule will help keep everyone safe.

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    They have been doing it the way you saw it, forever. Most of the runabout guys are old stand-up guys, so they "get it", trust me. They do everything they can to be safe, and I was out there yesterday and didn't really see anything I thought was dangerous. Usually the runabout guys will pass the stand-ups, or cut off a few buoys to give them space. They are well aware of the dangers. BUT, there are a few runabout riders out there that are "new", and may not understand the "rules".
    If you see something you see is unsafe, watch where they guy pits, and take the time to walk over there and have a talk with them.
    Remember, we have people from all over the World here-and for some, this is their first time at BB. So, take the time to educate-posting in this forum will get you zero responses.

    All of us out there that are watching, are paying attention, and if we see someone that is getting a little out of control, we'll walk over and talk to them. But, this is very rare. Also, the stand-up peeps need to be aware of the runabout peeps, and everyone needs to keep their head on a swivel, for that 1 guy, that isn't a racer but a tourist, see's the buoys, and decides to go around them-the wrong way!!! Seen it happen....yellled at the guy got his attention and explained what was going on. He got pissed, but he was out numbered, and left.

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    Body Beach Practice (World Finals)

    So what are "the rules"? Everyone has their own common sense rule book...

    Only a matter of time before some one gets hurt bad... Hopefully it is not a kid. Race On!


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    Thats the deal. There are no "Rules". It is an open practice bouy course and can be used by anyone. There is no course marshall. Any gentleman can come along unaware of a "Gentlemens" agreement and seem to be a jackwagon.
    It is a public and open waterway. So folks just have to be cognizant and careful and respectful. And that is not always going to happen.

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    Body Beach Practice (World Finals)

    Seamed to be a lot better yesterday and today. Wednesday and Thursday last week was just stupid...

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